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GradeCAC MS65
CPG Price Guide$2,310.00
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Population Higher1
SeriesGold Commemoratives
Entry1926 Sesquicentennial $2.50
The last of the classic gold commemorative coins celebrates the 150th anniversary of the founding of the United States. Issued during the nation's grand Sesquicentennial in 1926 and struck alongside a half dollar also honoring the Sesquicentennial, this gold quarter eagle designed by John R. Sinnock features an obverse standing figure of Miss Liberty, who holds a scrolled Declaration of Independence in one hand and the Torch of Freedom in her other hand. The reverse showcases Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

Many of these coins saw wear in circulation. However, more than half of the survivors are known in uncirculated condition in grades ranging from MS60 through MS65. Examples grading MS66 or higher are very scarce and command significant premiums.
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