Frequently Asked Questions


  • Why should I join the CAC Grading Club?

    Why? Because you can submit your coins for Grading services directly to us from the comfort of your own home. And what’s more? We'll give you $50 in grading credits and access to other members only benefits discussed on our Grading Club page.  

    For an annual fee of just $99 (prorated for when you join), the CAC Grading Club provides a gateway to numerous benefits and privileges:

    • Immediate Coin Submission – As a Club member, you can submit both vintage and modern coins for grading at your convenience, ensuring your collection remains up-to-date and in your control.

    • Grading Credits – Receive $50 in grading credits annually (prorated for your first year based on when you join), making the assessment of your treasured coins both easy and more affordable.

    • Exclusive Insights – Enjoy the quarterly CAC magazine, filled with expert analyses, market trends, and insights to keep you informed and ahead of the collecting game.

    • Convenience and Quality – Submit your coins from the comfort of your home, confident in the knowledge that they are being assessed by the foremost experts in the field.

    • Access to Member Specials – Joining today gives you access to exclusive pricing benefits, as announced.

  • Do I have to be a member in order to submit coins?

    Yes. At CAC, we only accept submissions from our members. We do this so that we can focus on providing the best grading experience for all of our submitters. If you are interested in becoming a member, there are two options:

    1. Collectors should join the CAC Grading Club, and 
    2. Dealers can contact us at or 757-800-1750 to apply for membership.

    If you do not want to become a member, you may still submit to CAC through one of our many authorized dealers. Click here to find a dealer near you!

  • Can Club members submit for our Stickering service?

    In short, no. Club members have direct submission privileges for all Grading services but are not permitted to submit directly for Stickering services. To submit for Stickering, you'll need to work with one of our many authorized dealers. Click here to find a dealer near you!  


    Unfortunately, CAC Stickering in NJ is running at full capacity and unable to accept new members. We pride ourselves for quick turnaround times, accurate grading standards, and friendly customer service. Opening up the stickering service to new members would not be fair to our existing CAC stickering members. CAC Grading in Virginia Beach has a much larger staff and a beautiful new facility that is able to accommodate new members while implementing the same stringent grading standards and professionalism.

CAC Registry

  • What is the CAC Registry?

    The CAC registry serves as a platform for collectors to share and manage their collections with the numismatic community. It provides a secure and basic inventory management system for collectors to showcase their collections among friends and fellow enthusiasts. This set is meant solely for the enjoyment of the collecting community, for each participant’s personal entertainment only. 

  • Do I have to be a CAC member/submitter to participate in the CAC Registry?

    No. We want the CAC Registry to be the place to show off your coins, even if you do not submit directly to us. But if you are interested in becoming a submiter, take a look at the Membership FAQs for more information about joining CAC as a submitter.

  • How do I set up my CAC Registry Account?

    The first step is to make sure you have an account with CAC; if you don’t you, can sign up here . After that, please review the article Quick Start.

  • What Coins does the CAC Registry allow?

    The CAC Registry offers two types of Sets: CAC Only and Universal sets. CAC Only sets accepts CAC coins, both graded and stickered. Universal sets accept CAC coins, both graded and stickered, as well as coins certified by Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and Numismatic Guarantee Corporation (NGC) coins (though this is not an indication that PCGS or NGC endorse the CAC Registry).

    Details graded coins are authentic and therefore qualify for use in the CAC Registry. For details coins graded by CAC,
    the base score will be their Registry Value (RV) which is available on the coin’s cert lookup page. Details graded coins certified by PCGS and NGC holders are also eligible but will have a base score of P01.

    Raw coins may be added to your Collection but are not eligible to be added to Sets. 

  • What’s the difference between My Collection and My Registry Sets?

    In short, Collection items are individual coins; this should only include items you presently own. Registry Sets represent groups of coins typically collected together and are scored in order to compete with your fellow collectors.

  • What’s the difference between CAC Only and Universal sets?

    CAC Only sets only accept coins graded or stickered by CAC. Universal sets are more inclusive, accepting certified coins from CAC, PCGS or NGC. A CAC coin, whether graded or stickered, may be used in both CAC Only and Universal sets at the same time but only by the same participant.

  • What does “weight” mean?

    An item’s “weight” within the context of the Registry is intended to express that item’s rarity relative to the other items in the Set. Items with higher rarity are given a higher weight compared to more common items. CAC calculates weight using integers ranging from 1 to 10.

  • How do bonuses and weights factor into set and item scores?

    The score earned for an item in a Set is calculated as: item grade or RV + bonuses, if applicable x weight for that item / sum of all weights for the Set. The Set score is determined by adding all the item scores together. The Set Definition for each Set outlines the applicable Weighting and Bonuses available. You can also see the calculation for any item in a Set by clicking on the Set Score figure in the Set View page.

    Bonuses are additive, applied at the coin level, and applied to most Sets. There is a detailed list of examples of how bonuses are applied to items in the Registry Rules and Regulations. 

    Weighting is intended to assign greater scoring value to scarcer items and is relative based on other items in the Set; this means the same coin may have a different weight in different Sets. Weighting is applied to all Sets except Date sets.

  • Is there an award system in place for the best sets?

    The CAC Registry is primarily about bragging rights; however, we may institute awards for high-ranking and other sets. As the system is still new, there are no defined awards as of today, but stay tuned for updates regarding the award system in the future.

  • Can I track my Set progress?

    Yes, you can track your Set progress compared to other collectors via the Set Leaderboards. Each Set has a Leaderboard for CAC Only and Universal sets. If you feel your Set is lagging where you want it to be on the Leaderboards, you can add missing items to your Want List in an attempt to be matched with coins that could upgrade your Set.

  • Is my Registry Set information public?

    By default, no; Your Collection items and Sets are not public. But the primary purpose of participating in the Registry is to compete with your fellow collectors, and doing so requires making your Set visible to the public. This can be done through your account settings (established in your Profile) or at the individual Set level. If you are concerned about what information is made public, please contact us at to discuss before accidentally making public information you wish to keep private.

  • What happens if I buy a coin from someone else that had the coin in their Sets?

    If you attempt to add a coin to the Registry but receive an error stating that coin is in use by another participant, please notify us at We will help resolve the ownership situation as soon as possible. We are also working on a more automated approach to resolving these issues.

  • Who do I contact with CAC Registry related questions?

    If you have any questions regarding the CAC Registry and sets, please contact us at We are happy to help assist you with any concerns or inquiries!


  • What is the CAC Grading shipping address?

    For CAC Grading, please send packages to the following address:  

    CAC, 1716 Corporate Landing Pkwy., Virginia Beach, VA 23454.  

    ***This is for CAC Grading submissions only***

  • Does CAC offer “First Strike” or other modern coin designations?

    Currently, CAC offers a "First Delivery" designation for modern coins that are eligible. Additional designations are available through our Bulk program ONLY. 

  • Can you explain the $5 imaging fee?

    This is for images of the coin's obverse and reverse that will be sent to you once the coin has been graded. In order to receive these images for coins submitted on the Economy tier, you must choose the option for the $5 imaging fee. Otherwise, you will only receive an image of the full coin holder. The coin's obverse and reverse images are included in the price of grading for the classic/vintage tiers of Standard and higher.

  • Does CAC grade world coins, tokens or medals?

    Currently, CAC does not accept these coin types. This will change in the future so keep an eye out for any announcements!

  • Can I drop off coins in person at your office?

    Our office is not open to the general public and we do not allow drop offs without prior approval and scheduling. Please contact customer care if you wish to drop off or pick up at our office.

  • Will CAC Grading recognize plus grades on CAC stickered crossovers?

    No. We do not guarantee CAC stickered coins that have a plus grade will be a plus grade at CAC Grading. When the coin was originally viewed by CAC Stickering, we did not recognize the plus. Please be sure to indicate the minimum grade clearly on your crossover (Legacy) submission to ensure your coin is not cracked out of its holder against your intentions. For example, if you have a 67+ but would be okay with a 67, that grade is guaranteed. However, If you were to submit a 67+ with a minimum grade of 67+, it is not guaranteed to cross at 67+. 

  • If I want to submit coins but want to use my private insurance, where can I indicate that on the submission form?

    There are multiple shipping methods available for members that are using their private insurance and they are listed in the Shipping Method area of the submission form. Please be aware that Federal Express and UPS require an established account to use those shipping methods and both of those shipping methods require a delivery speed which must be checked on the submission form. If choosing a USPS shipping service (e.g. Express, Registered, Priority), CAC will use your insurance and bill for the USPS postage and signature fees. You must list your account number if using Federal Express or UPS. The maximum insurance limit per package must be listed for all shipping methods chosen. DO NOT check the box for "CAC Shipping" when using your private insurance.

  • If I want to submit coins but do not have private insurance, where can I indicate that on the submission form?

    There is a box to check for "CAC Shipping" in the Shipping Method section of the submission form. This indicates that CAC will use its insurance and CAC-chosen shipping method to return your submission. DO NOT fill out any other information regarding shipping method.

  • Will CAC send me submission forms?

    While we do have paper forms, we encourage you to take a look at our online submission portal. You can also print PDF versions of our form from within that portal. Members who use the online portal will receive a $5 discount on the handling fee for each submission. Paper forms may be requested through CAC Customer Care at

  • Will CAC buy, sell, or appraise my coins?

    No. CAC is strictly a third party grading service that does not buy or sell coins.

  • What does the CAC Grading Process entail?

    When you submit coins to CAC Grading, they are received by our trained staff and entered into our grading system. From there, a group of graders will look at the coin's surface, edges and lettering to determine if there are any signs of damage, wear or other issues that may affect the coin's grade. The graders will then assign a grade that reflects its overall condition. This grade will take into account factors such as the coin's level of wear, the quality of its strike and the overall appearance of its surfaces. Once the coin has been graded and authenticated, it will be encapsulated in our plastic holder to protect it from further damage and preserve its condition. 

  • Do my stickered coins automatically crossover into CAC slabs

    Not necessarily. If the coin has a plus grade, color designation, or other item listed on the coin that CAC may not recognize. We do not guarantee CAC stickered coins that have a plus grade will be a plus grade at CAC Grading. When the coin was originally viewed by CAC Stickering, we did not recognize the plus. Please be sure to indicate the minimum grade clearly on your crossover (Legacy) submission to ensure your coin is not cracked out of its holder against your intentions.