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Most Trusted by Collectors
Why is it that collectors trust CAC coins above all others?
Accountability to the Hobby
Unlike other leading grading services, CAC is owned and operated by over 150 leading numismatic collectors and dealers. Headed by John Albanese and Ron Drzewucki (learn more about Our Team to understand why that matters), we have assembled a team—from investors to employees—who stand behind our product and the hobby at large. We are here for the future of collecting!
Premium Value for Your Collection
We have a long and proven history of certifying coins that ultimately bring premium money in the market. This is all due to our collector-friendly grading standards. The market rewards coins that collectors want to own, and our grading standards are in tune with what collectors are looking for. It's our job to give confidence to coin buyers, and we take it seriously.
Assurance of the Highest Level
CAC offers collectors the highest assurance in one of two ways—our Grading or Stickering services. Either choice yields a coin that the market trusts. When we grade a coin, we ask ourselves if we would be proud for our neighbors to own it in that grade. If that grade makes us uncomfortable, that's not the right grade for that coin.
Simplicity in Submitting
We've simplified a complex process. Our intuitive submitter portal and supporting documentation makes submitting, even for the first time, a breeze. What's more? CAC has long been known for quality customer service; we care about the service we provide our customers and have named the department "Customer Care" to show it.
Resources for Collectors
Beginner's Guide
Beginner's Guide
New to coin collecting? Here's a link to our Beginner's Guide article series.
CAC Grading Club
CAC Grading Club
Ready to take the first step? By joining the Grading Club, you can submit and much more!
Submission Guide
Submission Guide
Looking to submit your coins? This will walk you through the steps on how to submit your coins.
Proud Industry Memberships
At CAC, we're plugged into the industry, being a part of most of the major organizations trying to do good by the hobby. If you have not heard about these organizations or do not know much about them, we recommend you look them up. You can click on any of the icons below, and it'll take you to their website.
Ready to Submit your Coins?
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Give us a call at 757-800-1750 or email us.
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