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CAC Labels
CAC offers a variety of labels for our encapsulated coins.
Standard Label
CAC Grading Standard Label
CAC Grading Standard Label

Our standard label is clean and simple, evoking trust with its lack of fuss. Its stamped green bean logo is a nod to our CAC sticker, an established symbol of quality. Additionally, there are several unseen security features, all aimed to keep you, the collector, safe in the knowledge that your coin is in a genuine CAC holder. For a breakdown of the information printed on our label, click here.

Signature Labels

With all the trust and security found in our Standard label, CAC's Signature labels are hand-signed by influential numismatic figures that feel the same way about coins as we do: The coin matters as does the grade it receives.

Please note that Special and Signature labels are only available to bulk submitters.

CAC Grading President Label

Ron Drzewucki has established himself as a seasoned veteran in the coin industry, boasting over 40 years of experience and an undying passion for numismatics. His journey into the world of coins began with a childhood fascination cultivated by the family coin collection that surrounded him. Noteworthy is Ron's tenure as a shareholder and world-class finalizer at another leading grading service, a testament to his extensive industry background and knowledge. Additionally, Ron Drzewucki is passionate about teaching the next generation of graders, having previously taught the ANA Advanced Grading course for a few years. He is also a member of the Professional Numismatist Guild and a life member of the American Numismatic Association and American Numismatic Society, among various other organizations.

CAC Grading Paul Nugget Label
CAC Grading John Brush Label
CAC Grading Louis Palafoutas Label
CAC Grading Michael Garofalo Label
Special Labels

Like our Signature labels, CAC's Special labels are a way for our collectors to extensively personalize their coin collections. As noted below, not all coins qualify for these labels, making each of them limited editions.

Please note that Special and Signature labels are only available to bulk submitters.

CAC Grading Presidential Eagle Label
CAC Grading Presidential Libery Label
CAC Grading Founders Standard Label
CAC Grading Founders Liberty Label
CAC Grading Monster Box Label
CAC Grading Magnum Opus Label
CAC Grading Preamble Label
CAC Grading Don't Tread On Me Label