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How to Get Your Coins Graded
At CAC, our goal is to make your coin collecting experience as fulfilling and enjoyable as possible. To that end, we have tried to remove as many complications from the coin grading process. Below are the simple steps to get your coins graded with us. If you need any help along the way, please contact our Customer Care team.
Join the CAC Grading Club
Receive direct submission privileges along with $50 in grading credits and the convenience of submitting from home.
Prepare the Online Submission Form
Our user-friendly portal makes creating submissions easier than ever, helping you organize and value your coins.
Prepare your Coins for Shipment to Us
If this is the first time you've shipped coins, we'll walk you through every step.
Track your Submission Through the Portal
If you have questions about anything going on with your submission, the answer is probably in the portal.
Show off your Collection in the CAC Registry
The CAC Registry is a modern way to track your coin collection and compete amongst friends.
Need help with the submission process? Review the options below.
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