Coins Accepted for Grading
Below you will find the coins that CAC accepts for grading submissions.
Send grading submissions to:

CAC Grading
1716 Corporate Landing Parkway
Virginia Beach, VA 23454
Half Cents 1793
Large Cents 1793-1857
Small Cents 1856-Present
Two Cents 1864-1873
Three Cents 1851-1873
Ten Cents 1837-Present
Twenty Cents 1875-1878
Quarter Dollars 1831-Present*
Half Dollars 1794-Present
Dollars 1794-1978
$1 Gold 1849-1889
$2.50 Gold 1840-1929
$5 Gold 1839-1929
$10 Gold 1838-1933
$20 Gold (No high or ultra-high relief) 1849-1933
All Modern Clad, Silver, and Gold Modern Commemoratives
All American Gold Buffalos
All American Silver, Gold, and Platinum Eagles
All Platinum and Palladium Coins
Currently, we do not grade colonials, pioneer gold, California gold, medals, tokens, world coins, Baseball Hall of fame coins, Apollo 11 anniversary coins, Basketball Hall of fame coins, or 5oz America the Beautiful bullion coins. It is our intention to grade these in the future, but currently we do not accept them.
Varieties we accept for Grading
Centsall Cohen (C), Sheldon (S), and Newcomb (N)
Dimesall Logan/McCloskey (LM), John Reich (JR), and Top 100 Fortin (F)
Quartersall Browning (B)
Half Dollarsall Overton (O)
Early Dollarsall Bowers/Borckhardt (BB)
Morgan DollarsVan Allen/Mallis (VAM) see below
   Top 100 List
   Hot 50 List
   Hit List 40
   WOW! List (Partial)
   All 8 Tail Feathers (8TF)
   All 7/8 Tail Feathers (7/8 TF)
Peace DollarsVan Allen/Mallis (VAM)
   Top 50
   Elite 30
Coming Soon!
Cherry Pickers Guide Varieties (CPG).
Most of the significant varieties ending in “01” along with a select few ending in “02” & “03” will be available in the fall.